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Peer Coaching for ICF Atlantic

Who is Eligible to Participate?

If you are a Full member or an Associate member of our Chapter, you can participate and we encourage you to do so.

Some of our past Peer Coaches have said:

“Peer Coaching through ICF Atlantic was a great way for me to both keep my own coaching skills sharp and also receive the inherent positive impact of Coaching myself from another trained Coach.  Given our large geographic distribution living in Atlantic Canada, this allowed me to connect with another comparable coach at a similar stage within their expertise and business success- with each of us now supporting the other’s growth!  Beyond the direct Coaching value I received, Peer Coaching helped me see how others approach Coaching Techniques, what topics, goals, and long-term themes best resonated with my own needs, and helped clarified my own unique niche as a Coach.  Living in NB, I’m so glad I now have a great professional connection with my Peer Coach in NS- a thoughtful second opinion and professional resource should I ever need them.  For growth, mastery, and professional engagement, Peer Coaching is an easy choice!
 – Robert Ogilvie, Project Manager & Professional Coach

“The peer coaching experience opened my eyes to a whole new style of coaching… one that I not only benefited from greatly in discussing my own coaching topics, but that I have begun to incorporate into my own constantly evolving manner of coaching.  It’s not every day that we get to be paired with another professional coach to both learn and teach, observe and reflect, share and exchange.”
Wendy Jones, PCC, Wendy Jones Coaching

“I have been participating in ICF Atlantic’s peer coaching since its inception.  I have worked with several wonderful coaches. Peer coaching provides the opportunity to clarify issues and think of approaches I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. Sometimes we need to get out of the bubble of our own thoughts and have someone help us see a different perspective. Peer coaching has done this for me.  Bottom line, peer coaching is a mutual source of support and provides a solid sounding board.  I will be participating in the program again this year. Thank you ICF Atlantic for offering this program to members.”
– Diane Allain, BBA, CPCC

What is Peer Coaching?

Peer coaching is unique. It’s different than hiring a coach or having a mentor coach.

It provides practice coaching opportunities for both individuals in the pair.

It offers a vehicle for honest, client feedback from each other, on their coaching style and effectiveness.

It provides for an ongoing learning opportunity with some built in sustainability and continuity.

It offers a chance to be coached by an experienced coach, at no cost.

It provides a chance to widen your horizons of exposure and learning for other coaches styles and schooling.

It offers a chance to build a unique connection with another member of our coaching community.

How Do I Get Started?


Contact the Peer Coaching Coordinator, Antje Springmann at :aspringmann@persona.ca.