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We are planning several learning opportunities and will post upcoming events once plans are finalized. Here’s a list of regular meetings held by our SIX Communities of Practice:

We know you’d benefit from attending a local community meeting if:

  • you are curious about becoming a professional coach
  • you desire a connection to a group of like-minded and experienced coaches, many of whom can assist you to learn more about becoming a coach
  • you are a trained coach and would love additional access to opportunities to enhance your coaching skills
  • you would like to be a part of the local conversation and education around professional coaching
  • you want to further develop your network of referrals for local coaches
  • you enjoy the atmosphere of being surrounded by fellow professional coaches

Whatever stage you are at in your coaching journey, ICF Atlantic offers you the chance to be part of a growing community of professional coaches in this region.

New Brunswick

Please contact your NB Representative for details on any local meetings: Christine Johnson

The Fredericton Community meets a few times a year, usually after business hours.  The location varies.  Contact Mary D’Arcy for specific location and details: mdarcy369@gmail.com

Nova Scotia


Contact:  Shelley Cox for details: shelley@shelleycox.ca


St. John’s


Meetings are usually third Wednesday of the month at 12 noon. Contact Antje Springmann.

Prince Edward Island

The PEI Community plans to meet a few times a year.  Contact Carol Gabanna for specific location and details:  cbaganna@hra.ca