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ICF Atlantic Policy on Use of Member Distribution List

ICF Atlantic mandate is to promote ICF Global and ICF Atlantic generated events so we can all learn, grow and upgrade our knowledge and experiences as Coaches. The ICF Atlantic distribution lists (both the paid membership list and the full data base), are for the sole purpose of distributing information about ICF events, functions, workshops, and conference calls etc. ICF Atlantic’s policy surrounding communication to members/potential members is as follows:

a) The distribution list of ICF Atlantic members and/ or potential members is not to be used to promote businesses, books, events, workshops, or other non-ICF related or associated events etc.

b) The distribution list is not be shared or passed to others outside of ICF due to reasons of confidentiality.

c) The type of information that will be shared to the full distribution list:

• ICF Atlantic Annual General Meetings

• ICF Atlantic Annual Summit/Conference

• ICF Atlantic sponsored education call schedule/notification

• ICF Atlantic membership renewal reminders

• ICF Atlantic sponsored upcoming events, updates on Peer Coaching or other aspects of membership that are relevant to the distribution list

• ICF Global sponsored/endorsed education call schedule/notification

• ICF Global information about credentialing

• ICF Global information about upcoming events, changes in policy, membership information, etc.

• The intention of ICF-Atlantic with respect to distributing information is to offer for the purposes of further education, but not necessarily to advocate or endorse.

Individual Requests for Distribution

ICF Atlantic distribution lists are maintained by the ICF Atlantic Board Member responsible for Education. After reading the above criteria, if an individual member is still unclear whether their event fits into the above policy, they may submit their specific request for e-distribution by contacting any ICF Atlantic Board member who will take the request to the board for a ruling. Board member will respond to any requests within two-weeks of request being submitted.

Ways to Share Information

Individuals whose name appears on either of our distribution lists can contact others on the list in other ways, including;

• Joining the ICF Atlantic Facebook Page and posting a message

• Joining the ICF Nova Scotia Facebook Page and a posting message

• Sending an email to any individual coaches with whom they already have their contact information

• Creating an e-newsletter and inviting people to sign up to receive it.