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Make sure a connection exists between you and the coach you choose. That's where the magic lies.

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Lisa Haydon MBA CEC CSP

Leadership and Sales Coach Pivotal Coaching
Home 1959 Upper Water Street, Suite 1301, Tower 1 Halifax NS B3J 3N2 Canada Blog: https://www.pivotalcoachingservices.com/blog Website: https://www.pivotalcoachingservices.com/


Lisa W. Haydon is a leadership development consultant, certified executive coach and mentor sought by business owners and corporations for help in achieving professional and business growth.

Lisa brings extensive business experience and business acumen to her client work. She honed executive coaching for growth in prestigious corporations and now delivers transformational client experiences through her company Pivotal Coaching.

Lisa is known for a growth mindset, a focus on people for performance and helping her clients realize results.

About Pivotal Coaching
As a leader in executive coaching services, Pivotal Coaching works with corporations to transform the potential of human capital into business growth. We provide results-focused professional development in two areas: Leadership and Sales.

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1959 Upper Water Street, Suite 1301, Tower 1 Halifax NS B3J 3N2 Canada