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Janna Hare CEC

Certified Executive Coach


Janna Hare is an energetic HR professional, consultant, and certified executive coach. Drawing upon her background in psychology, organizational development, and a lifetime of using her own life as a living learning experiment, Janna has a unique appreciation of mindset and the power it has to transform patterns of behavior. Janna focuses on building strengths, minimizing weaknesses through direct feedback, self-discovery and co-creating detailed action plans.

She has a track record of helping clients become effective communicators and change agents within their organizations. Janna is the Executive Director at The Mentra Co-operative located in NB and leads them in their mission to create the most credible, connected, and sustainable community of mentors in the world. 

Janna holds a BA in Psychology, a B. ED and M. ED in adult education. Janna is a Certified Executive Coach, an active ICF member and sits on the Board of the ICF Atlantic Chapter.