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Delphine du Toit RSW, ACC, Q.Med

Leadership and Conflict Coach Delphine du ToitPast-President, ICF Atlantic Board Member


Delphine’s clients appreciate her provocative thoughts, questions and feedback;
that she is clear and to the point; and that she provides a safe self-discovery and path-setting coaching environment, thanks to her calmness and balance.

Her coaching qualifications are from Adler/OISE in Toronto; anchored in her MSW from Dalhousie University and 20+years of international experience in the global corporate environment, primarily as a labour relations and culture change expert. She is also a qualified mediator.

Delphine’s expertise in conflict management translates well into situations of building or restoring relationships in cross-disciplinary teams as well as in families and communities. Competence in managing conflict is intrinsic to her leadership work.

She has served on the Board of the International Coach Federation Atlantic Charter Chapter since 2015 and is the Past President. Through her registration as a social worker (RSW) with the NSCSW, Delphine’s services are claimable under certain health insurance policies.